Diamond is your Knightsbridge babe tonight


My name is Diamond and I would love to be your Knightsbridge babe tonight. I am not sure that you have ever dated a Knightsbridge babe before and I have to admit that I think there is something special about us Knightsbridge babes. We really know how to show you a good time, and we are that little bit different from other escorts. Once you and I meet, I will make sure that you know what is so unique about me. I have this feeling that you are going to enjoy it…


Just like other escorts in London, most of the girls who work for Knightsbridge escorts services in London, work as outcall escorts. If you have a lot of experience of dating, you will know that outcall escort services are now the most popular way to hook up with escorts in London. Not only is it convenient, but it is more fun as well. If you meet an escort at her boudoir, there is a lot of pressure on you to make the most out of the date. When you meet an escort at home, you seldom experience that kind of pressure.

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If you happen to be a man who like larger ladies, you are bound to enjoy dating Knightsbridge escorts. We are a little bit larger and cuddlier. It seems to be appreciated by the little bit more senior gent who likes enjoy a date with a lady who can take it a bit easier, and then make the most of the date at the right moment. Besides, I think that larger ladies are much more feminine and I am pretty sure that once we have met, you will agree with me on that one.


What can you expect on a date with a Knightsbridge escort? It is the same thing as dating a white girl really.

But I would like to say that we are perhaps a little bit noisier and love to have a bit more fun. On top of that, I think that you will find that we are very physical people. We like to demonstrate things and express ourselves. Within the couple of minutes of a date with me, I am sure that you will be able to discover exactly what I mean…


Setting up and arranging dates with Knightsbridge escorts is very easy. Most top agencies in London do have Knightsbridge escorts available, but if you can’t find a hot Knightsbridge babe, there are certain places that you can go to in London. You may want to check out places like Kingston and Brixton  in Southern London. There are plenty of hot Knightsbridge ladies in this part of town, and I am sure that you will enjoy exploring this part of London anyway. Some of the bars and restaurants in this part of London are also rather unique. As a matter of fact, you can say that the entire place swings to a different beat just like me, and I have the feeling that you are going to get a kick out of it.


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