How to stay sexually healthy and safe

Sometimes I wonder who is at the most risk from poor sexual health. Looking at the latest research it sounds like the younger generation is much more aware about sexual health issues than the older generation. Many members of the older generation, still often have sex without adequate protection and seem to refrain from using condoms. But, condoms are about so much more than preventing pregnancy, it can also stop sexual transmitted diseases. London escorts always refer to them as STD’s but I have discovered something frightening today. A lot of dates who visit London escorts do not often use condoms when having sex with new love interests. The fact is that they really should, they are exposing themselves to a lot of risk from infection.

The fact is that STD’s are on the increase. GP’s around the country see a huge increase in STD’s in patients over 50. The most common disease is still chlamydia, and it can also be the one which is most dif´Čücult to catch. Many people who suffer from chlamydia have no symptoms at all, and this is a big problem. So, if you have sex with someone who has chlamydia, you are very likely to pick up the disease. London escorts are right, you should use a condom when having sex with a new love interest. Perhaps more dates need to learn how to listen to their London escorts when it comes to matters of this kind.

Escorts in London always say that sexual health is about so much more. It is important to appreciate that some forms of sex can be more risky than others. As people get older, they often get a bit more braver and fancy trying things like DP’s, Dorothy Perkins or better described as double penetration. Is this okay to do without a condom? Of course, it isn’t and I am surprised that people don’t appreciate that. After all, double penetration can cause a lot of problems and you need to be extra careful. Most London escorts would never recommend trying to do a DP as the risk of perforating the bowel is very high.

One of the sexy Escorts in London that I spoke to wondered if seniors should not have safe sex lessons as well. They seem to know she says, but it all goes out of the window when they meet a new love interest. So many of my dates at London escorts, says Lucy, are not careful at all in their private lives. I keep telling them, but it does not appear to sink in.

London escort are not sexual experts at all, but I think that most of them are very sensible. Asking someone who cannot have kids any longer to use sexual protection may seem odd, but for that person, sexual health should still be important. This is ultimately what London escorts like to point out and stress to their dates. Maybe it is a case of relearning what you have forgotten, or practise what you preach to your kids.

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