I am in love with my therapist

It was not until recently I was able to tackle my sex addiction. To most it must seem strange that it has taken me twenty years to come to terms with my sex addiction. During that time I have not bee able to date any regular girls at all. I have only been able to hang out with https://charlotteaction.org London escorts. It did not take me very long to become addicted to London escorts as well. Now I have learned to cope without London escorts in my life, but I am afraid that I have become addicted to my therapist.

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My therapist is a very attractive lady and before she became a sex therapist, she used to work for London escorts. At first I thought I was really nuts when I started to transfer my feelings on to her, but she says that it is normal. Almost all of the gents that she tries to help transfers some sort of addiction to her but she knows how to cope with that. I have to admit that it freaked me out at first.

When we first started to meet up, I did not know that she had worked for London escorts. It was something that she told me much later. I thought that she was a little bit too attractive to be a therapist but I eventually got over the fact that she was really sexy. But I still wanted her to dominate me. This is the reason why I am seeing a therapist. There is no way that I can cope without being dominated.

All of the girls that I used to date at London escorts used to be really domineering. I know that it comes from my mum who was a really domineering woman. She was always telling me what to do and I think I liked it. At first I thought that I might rebel against it but I never really did. Instead I found that it was something that I really needed in my lie. None of the girls, except from the girls at London escorts, have been able to understand my need for domination.

Now I want to be domineered by my therapist. I keep thinking about London escorts when I am with her all of the time and how they used to control me. But, I have to admit that things are getting a bit better. The other day I met a nice girl and I did not feel that I needed her to domineer me at all. We got on really well and I told her about me. She had a few emotional problems as well and I have to admit that it was good to talk to somebody that understood me. But, I do fancy my therapist like mad, and I would love to be dominated be her. The thought of her in a basque, black boots and a whip is almost too much at times. Oh well, you never know, I might just still get over my problem.

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