Islington Girls are my life

I recently move to Islington after having lived in Chiswick for a number of years. I sold my business and decided that I wanted to try to live in a different part of London. London is a huge place, and when I first moved to Islington, I started to feel a bit lonely.


A guy down the pub suggested that I try to date some Islington escorts but I had never dated escorts before so I wasn’t sure.


a sexy companion in islington escorts


One day, I was shopping in Tesco, the supermarket, when a really gorgeous girl started to talk to me in the check out queue. She said that I looked a bit lonely, and I explained that I had recently moved to Islington. She sort of smiled at me with a knowing smile, and asked me if I wanted a sexy companion.


I must admit I was completely taken by what she had said, and starred at her for aa minute or two not knowing what to say. She just smiled back, and slipped a business card into my back pocket.


It wasn’t until a few days later when I came to wash my jeans, I noticed the card and saw that it advertised a Islingtonescorts agency. I felt a bit embararrased but after a while I picked up the courage to call the Islington escorts agency on the card.


The phone was answered by a nice young lady, and I explained what had happened. We had a nice chat, and she told me the girl I had met in Tesco’s was one of the Islington escorts that worked for the agency.

She said the girl’s name was Sara, and she asked if I wanted to meet Sara as part of Islington escorts services.


I hesitated for a minute but I did say yes. After a couple of days, I met up with Sara and she turned out to be really nice. First of all Sara is really sexy and stunning, and I immediately wished that she could be more than my sexy companion.


Sara used to be a lap dancer, so she treated me to a very special dance. Ever since our first meeting I have been madly in love with Sara, and I don’t want to date any other escorts.


There are many more escorts in this part of town, but Sara is very special to me and I love everything about her. A couple of friends of mine have said that I should try dating other escorts but I don’t feel comfortable doing that.


This is my first adventure in dating escorts are for now I am going to stick to my lovely Sara. She is nice to me and I feel that I have more than a sexy companion in Sara. I am sure that there are many lovely escorts in Islington but I have no real interest in other at this moment in time.


Things might change but for the time being I will stick to my lovely Sara, and get to know her a little bit better.


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