It is surprising what you can learn about your parents from their friends.

My mom and dad moved abroad to be closer to my brother who lives in Australia. For some reason they thought I would be okay on my own in London. I could not believe it as they even wanted me to sell my flat so that I could look after their house. There is no way I was going to that. Like I said to mom, I had worked hard for my flat, and they may just come back from Australia. Instead I rented out my flat and moved into their house while they are away. I don’t know what the neighbors are going to think as I keep all sorts of funny hours at Croydon escorts.


There have been times when I have felt that I have known precious little about my mom’s life before she met dad. I know that he is older than her and that they met in a bar. Apart from that, I know very little else. That was exactly what was going through my blond little head as I was sitting in the kitchen one Saturday morning nursing a cup of tea. It had been a long night at Croydon escorts, and despite a good sleep, I felt knackered.


As I was sitting there looking at my mom’s African violet collection, there was a knock on the door. A lady my moms’ age stood outside and asked me if my mom was in. It was clear that she knew me, but I had never seen her before. She said that she had come down from York, so I asked her in for a cup of coffee. For her age, she looked very glamorous and I did pay her a compliment. She could easily have passed for a senior escort at Croydon escorts from


We started to talk and she asked me if I knew what my mom had been doing for a living when she met my dad. The rain started to pour outside so I thought that she had better stay for a while. I told her that I did not know have a clue. She smiled, and said that there used to be a very posh escort agency in Belgravia, and she had worked there with my mom. My dad had been one of the gents frequenting the agency. Now I knew what secret my mom was hiding and I will admit that I did almost tell her about Croydon escorts. However, common sense stopped me.


She left a couple of hours later and left me alone with my thoughts. I had managed not to say anything about Croydon escorts, but I had certainly learned a thing or two about my mom. The funny thing was that my mom and I had never been really close. Although she was now on the other side of the world, I felt closer to her. Perhaps I would have to sit her down to have a long mother and daughter chat when she came back. If she did come back. I knew that my dad had been complaining about his old bones aching, and maybe they were planning to stay in Australia for good.

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