My friend booked me a London escort as a sign of appreciation



I think my friend’s wife hates me. I did not notice it in the beginning, but I started to suspect that she does not like me at all. When I visited my friend from their house. He was not there it was only his wife at home. I asked her where Gerry is, but she did not respond to me, she just slammed the door at my face. Gerry was the name of my friend. I was agitated as Gerry’s wife. What she did was unbelievable, it was the rudest thing a person has done to me. I knocked on the door again because I wanted to ask what is her problem is but she did not open it. She did not speak to me not even one word. What kind of girl does that? i do not know why Gerry would marry a girl like that. When I finally had the chance to talk to Gerry. I asked her what her wife’s problem at me is. She hated me very much; I told Gerry that I do not want to be friends with his wife. i want to know why she hates me very much. Gerry told me to not worry about it.


It turns out that the reason behind her wife hating me was because of him. Gerry was feeding her wife lies about me so that he could go out at night when he wanted to. I laughed very hard when I heard him say it. It was amusing to me. It all made sense now. My friend apologized to me and asked me to keep what he told me a secret. It was no problem for me. Gerry was one of my best friends and to do a favour for him is no problem. He did not stop saying bad things about me at her wife. It got to the point that my friend told me I should avoid his wife because she might harsh words to me. My dilemma is bizarre, but I did not have a problem with it. As long as her wife does not see me, I am okay. To be honest, I was impressed with my friend’s tactics. I think what he is doing is very smart. It is not right, but it is a brilliant idea. That way he can go out whenever he wants and don’t have to worry about her wife getting angry at him. as a sign of appreciation, Gerry booked me a beautiful London escort fromĀ It was his way of saying thanks to me. He knows that I loved being with London escorts. I think London escorts are great girls.

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