The perfect reality in Abbey Wood escorts

How would you like to experience the perfect massage? I love my massages. The simple truth is that I enjoy receiving massages, and I enjoy giving massage as well. There are many girls like me at Abbey Wood escorts, and this is why so many gents refer to us as the massage specialists. That is right – we specialize in treating our gents to massages. What kind of massage would you like to experience tonight? I have several suggestions for you to try, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. All of us girls here at north Abbey Wood escorts update our skills, and of course, that means we need to practise. Can I practise on you? This week, I have been on a massage course and learned tantric massage techniques. Have you ever tried a tantric massage? When you come and visit me, I will be delighted to tell you all about it. It is a special kind of massage. But, that isn’t the only massage that I can treat you to. I, personally, enjoy giving a couple of different massages, but I know my colleagues here at north Abbey Wood escorts, have many different tricks up their sleeves. Let me ask you, what can we treat you to this evening?

Enjoy a Swedish massage with north Abbey Wood escorts

A Swedish massage is a deep tissue massage. This is a really nice technique to use if you are in pain or any type of discomfort. I will first of all place my hands on your back. My hands will be nice and warm. After that, I will start massaging your back. My long fingers with the red nails will find all of the tense areas, and slowly release them. This is one of those massages that can bring you a lot of pleasure and many of the girls here at north Abbey Wood escorts enjoy giving them. My long fingers and warm hands will slowly work their way to your front, and touch all of your zones very carefully. If you enjoy it, I will whisper in your ear and ask you what kind of finish that you would like. I have a few that you can choose from

Let’s go tantric

Would you like to go tantric with me? I am one of the few girls at north Abbey Wood escorts who knows how to do a tantric massage. Don’t worry, tantric massages are not kinky, they are just sensual. You will sit on the floor with your feet together, and I will sit behind your back. My hands will gently be placed on your thighs and I will slowly press down. All you need to do is to feel my body against yours and feel it move. Slowly, you will become aware that we are breathing in rhythm. My breath will have caught yours, and I will start to slow your breath down. It will feel strange at first, but slowly you will learn to let go. The release of a tantric massage is something out of this world, and that you will never have experienced before. If, you like it, you will want to try it time and time again. Remember that I am the only girl at north Abbey Wood escorts who can bring you such pleasures.

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