When Sex Is More Pain Than Pleasure

There are several reasons that make intercourse painful as opposed to enjoyable. Some of the causes include a change in hormones, emotions such as anxiety and depression, and medical conditions. These factors mainly affect women in their midlife due to loss of estrogen. The generation of estrogen reduces with time and especially so at menopause. Subsequently, the vagina becomes dry, itchy and painful.

Sexual intercourse after a long time also makes the initial encounters during intercourse painful. There are also drugs that make the vagina dry. Another source of pain is chronic aching in the vestibule that restricts any touch or pressure on the vagina.

Skin diseases in the genitals such as eczema, psoriasis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and bladder prolapse also make intercourse moments painful. Other infections that affect the urinary tract, reproductive organs and vagina are also a problem.

Moreover, particular medical conditions that affect pleasure during sex include: some cancer medicaments, reconstructive surgery, injury to the pelvic area while giving birth, damage to the pudendal nerve, musculoskeletal complaints and some kinds of male sexual dysfunction. This mostly happens when there is friction on the virginal walls after the man prolongs the encounter.

There are also psychological reasons such as anxiety, guilt, stress, depression and relationship trouble. In addition, other factors such as past sexual abuse or pelvic experience cause pain during sex. The vagina tightens and therefore inhibits infiltration. Vaginismus is expressly common in women who have had a traumatic experience.

Medical conditions have cure and some can be avoided to make the intercourse fun. There are also natural remedies for some of these conditions.

Additionally, therapy is a good alternative in order to eliminate the physical and emotional pain. An examiner looks at the medical history, the current solutions that you are taking and what they can recommend to result in the least pain possible. It is important to air your personal concerns during the examinations.

Other solutions include use of lubricants that are non-hormonal and that result in dampness. This reduces the friction and discomfort. There are many brands of lubricants and their application takes place before sex. You need to try different products before finding one that suits you.

Sexual pleasure is also achievable when you increase foreplay so as to moisturize the vaginal tissues. Also try different sex spots and methods of intimacy. Tell your partner what does and does not work for you. Frequent sex further stretches the vaginal muscles and increase lubrication. Masturbation is another suitable alternative to painful sex moments.

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