What does a cruise ship gigolo do?

Lots of ladies think that I am an escort, but I have not even worked for a London escorts service. My background is rather different. I used to have my own law practice in London, but when I split up with my wife, I decided that I wanted to move on. The girls in the office used to think that I was a real charmer. They used to call me a Legal Charmer instead of a Legal Eagle.


After I split up with my wife, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I knew this girl who worked for https://charlotteaction.org. She did not live very far from me in London and we used to bump into each other and have coffee. The fact that she worked for an escort service does not bother me at all. One morning over coffee she told me that I should try to become a cruise ship gigolo. I laughed at her. Well, I knew that I was a bit of a charmer, and that I could both dance and hold a conversation, but I did not see myself as a gigolo.


She smiled at me, and told me it was a professional job. I was a bit taken back. Travelling was one of those things that I had always wanted to do, and was surprised that you could get paid to do so. She handed me a copy of an employment magazine which specialised in unusual jobs. Sure enough, you could work as a gigolo on a cruise ship. Apparently she was thinking about leaving London escorts to do something along the same line of employment.


We sat in that coffee shop and read the job brief. You would get paid up to $70 per day. Also, they would give you a free cabin, food and drinks. All of that while you travelled the world. I was beginning to think that my little friend from London escorts was more than switched on. This girl was savvy. In return for all of that, you would be expected to dance with single ladies, host tables and go onshore excursions. I could not believe it, and to be fair, it sounded right up my street.


A week later I did get in touch with the agency offering the job. They seemed to be very professional about everything, and even tested my dancing and conversational skills. I passed with flying colors, and it was not long before I was on the high seas. You were not allowed to have sex with the ladies, but you were certainly allowed to enjoy their company. I came off that cruise with about $2,000 in tips plus my tax free pay. These days, I cruise ever couple of months. Once I am off my cruise, I rush around to that little coffee shop to see my friend from London escorts. She just loves to hear all about my time on ship, and I must admit that it is nice to be able to have a giggle about all of my on board shenanigans.

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