Why Condoms Are Necessary

I cannot believe some guys still do not use a condom. Men still seem to be reluctant to use a condom when it comes to sex. When I finish my shift at London escorts, I have this habit of chatting guys up and taking them home for one night stands. Loads of these guys are surprised when I ask them to use a condom. If they refuse, I simply say that I will not have sex with them. I am not sure what it is, but I did think we had become more sexually aware. The girls here at London escorts certainly are.

Of course, the reason you should use condoms goes on and on. Condoms is the best way to make sure you don’t pick up an STD’s. I know it is easy to take a chance, but I would not dream about doing so, and neither would any of the girls here at London escorts. None of the London escorts I have worked with over the years, have ever not used a condom. We may not be the experts on sexual health but I do think most London escorts are very sensible when it comes to sexual health.

Condoms do prevent pregnancies, we all know that. You can say condoms are more or less 100 percent sure to prevent any unwanted pregnancies and we should all be aware of that. It is certainly very important for teenagers to appreciate condoms are the best way to stop you from getting pregnant. I worked with a girl at another London escorts service who became pregnant as a teenager. She has a really cute daughter, but she does say she wishes her sex education had been better. Before I joined London escorts, I thought about becoming a sex educator, but I did not have the grades to go on to higher education.

The penis can also easily become injured during sex. Really passionate sex may cause the skin to become broken, and this can in turn lead to infections of the skin of the penis. They are painful and can be hard to deal. One of the guys I know at male London escorts, had rather passionate sex with his girlfriend and actually wore away part of the skin. It sounds like they forgot to use proper lubrication and got a bit too excited. It took him a long time to recover from and was very painful.

Over the last few years, I have not spoken to any girl at the sexiest outcall escorts, who have not used a condom when having sex. If you are in a long term relationship, you may be able to step away from using condoms, but I would have a health check first of all. This is important for both of you. You may not present with any symptoms, but you can still be infected. Not only do condoms protect you from STD’s but they also protect you from thrush to a certain extent. You can carry thrush spores on your hands and mouth, so you should be very careful if your partner has an ongoing thrush infection.

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